EMERGENCIES:  dial 911

OFFICE:  (802) 867-5311


Dorset  Volunteer Fire Dept.

Dorset Water Co.

 Dorset fire district NO. 1



By Permit Only


Fire Department

The Dorset Fire Department is currently looking for volunteers to join the department.  All training, gear and other expenses are covered, including a stipend based on your involvement.


Available positions include:



Helpers at Firehouse (during calls)


To volunteer or get more information, please contact:

Shawn Hazelton:  (802) 375-4233

Outdoor burning is currently allowed, provided you receive a written permit from a fire department official.  We urge extreme caution when burning.


For all burn permits, please contact:

Shawn Hazelton:  (802) 375-4233

Harvey Watkins:  (802) 867-5750

The Dorset Fire District No. 1 is a special district serving Dorset village

and surrounding areas with fire protection and public water.

Prudential Board

The district is governed by a 5 person board that meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at the Dorset Firehouse at 7pm.


Prudential Board meetings are open to the public and all district residents are welcome.




dial 911

(802) 793-9429

Fire Taxes

Fire taxes are now included as a line item in the Dorset property tax bill.



1st installment due: 9/10/20

2nd installment due: 3/10/21



contact Nancy Aversano at

(802) 362-4571 x4


Water Fees

Water bills are sent quarterly, beginning in September.



  • 10/01/20
  • 01/01/21
  • 04/01/21
  • 06/15/21



contact Nancy Aversano at

(802) 362-4571 x4



Dorset Fire House

2788 Rt 30

Dorset, VT 05251


Attend Online using Zoom

The Prudential Committee meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 7 pm.  Our meetings are open to the public and all fire district residents are welcome.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our meetings are now hosted online.  To join our meeting using Zoom, simply click on the button below.  If the meeting is in session or is about to begin, you will be connected.  If you are prompted for a meeting passcode, use DFD.


You can download the latest meeting agenda and the minutes from previous meetings here.





No Usage Restrictions

Water in the Dorset reservoir is currently at a safe level and there are no current restrictions on water usage.  Nevertheless, we encourage all users on the system to conserve water whenever possible.


If you would like to be notified of any change to the status of the public water system, please share your email address with us.




335 Yes, 50 No

The District bond vote for funding of the system-wide replacement of service lines ended at 7pm on March 2, 2021.  The ballots were counted by the District's Clerk the same night.  The bond was approved by a large majority of the voters.  The exact vote count was 335 in favor and 50 opposed.


With an approved bond vote, the District can now begin to formalize loan terms with Vermont's Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF).  The best information we have at this point is that our loan will qualify for 0% interest with a 30-year term.  In addition, it appears that $759,458 of principal forgiveness (grant) will also be available with the loan.  These are outstanding terms!


In February, when ballots and an informational letter were mailed to all District voters, we anticipated principal forgiveness of $1,750,000.  Recent information from the DWSRF indicates that this level of grant may no longer be available.  Obviously, the decrease of $1,000,000 in subsidies will have a significant impact on bond payments.  The Prudential Board is currently reviewing options to contain project costs, including the possibility of scaling back the project.  But we also want to take maximum advantage of the available subsidies, which may not exist in future funding cycles.


With the overwhelming level of approval, we feel confident the bond vote would have succeeded even if bond payments were estimated using the $750,000 level of subsidies.  Nevertheless, if you feel that you would have voted differently having the latest information on subsidies, you can petition the District to nullify this vote.  You will need signatures from 5% of the District's voters and submit this petition to the District Clerk before April 2, 2021.  Please be aware, to vote in the District you must own property in Dorset Fire District #1 and be a registered voter in the town of Dorset.



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