Water System
The Dorset Water Co. provides public water to 178 homes and businesses in the village of Dorset, Vermont.
Water Operator
Chris Hayes
Simon Operation Services
(802) 244-7420
Water Source
The Kellogg Springs, located 250 feet above the village of Dorset, are the sole source of water for the system.  These natural springs are covered and feed water downhill into the reservoir.
A 225,000 gallon covered storage tank is the reservoir for the system and is located just downhill of the springs.  The reservoir is chlorinated by a mechanical system.  No electric power exists at the reservoir. Approximately 2200 feet of 8 in. pipe leaves the reservoir and supplies water to the distribution system.
Distribution System
Approximately 12,000 feet of 6 in. and 4 in. pipe compose the distribution system, which supplies 201 service connections.  About 90% of connections are residential and 10% are commercial.  The entire system is gravity fed and does not have any pumps or other apparatus that require electricity.
Dorset Firehouse
2788 Rt. 30
Dorset, VT 05251
(802) 867-5311
Online Payment
Pay Bill Online
For your convenience, water bills can now be paid online using a credit card.
System Map